Listed Below are the Extra Fees, Please read through the extras below, and email us if you would like  to add any of the listed below. 

1 One Video Viewing is included on all packages but, if you would like to see more its $10 Each extra viewing. 

Adding Extra Captions onto photos or pages will be $2 extra a caption.

Adding Extra songs to your video that are not including in your package will be $1.00 Extra for each extra song.

Adding Extra Slides of photos will be Extra, Classic 1 $1.50, Classic 2 $2.50, Classic 3 $3.50

Adding  Video clips no longer than 2 minutes each can be added to your Montage video. We can handle most format (It has to be on DVD or uploaded to our site).IMPORTANT: Adding Extra Video Clips That are not included will be $20 per clip  If we have to go through the video and extract a clip, additional charges will apply. If lots of editing is required on clips, additional charges may apply.All you need is to let us know were you would like the video clip. Classic 2 and Classic 3 include a number of clips. Please Click (Package Detail's)

Adding Audio or sound clips cannot be no longer than 2 minutes each can be added to your movie. The preferred format is mp3, but we can convert most format. Please let us know over which images the audio(s) should be placed. If significant editing is required on clips, or if extensive timing coordination between the audio and the photos is required, additional charges may apply. All you need is to let us know were you want the sound clips, to add more sound then what comes in your package will be $15 per clip up to 2 minutes long. Classic 2 and Classic 3 include a number sound clips, please click on (Package Detail's)

Adding Testimonials, special messages or other text with special affects. To add Extra Testimonials its $15. Pricing increases as the complexity of the slide increases. Classic 2 and Classic 3 Include a couple of slidesplease click on (Package Detail's) 

Ordering a Rush Order- There are extra fees that apply, Rush orders will be proceed and completed between 24 to 48 hours. Time Starts ticking, once we have all the materials and once completed we will send you via web the final video, if you want DVD shipped then there will be extra fee for DVD ($25 Each) and for expedited shipping (Depends on area). Extra Fees include video being completed and sent to you via web. Classic 1 $35 extra, Classic 2 $45 extra, and Classic 3 $55 Extra. 

Extra DVD'S & Photo CD'S, Are $20 Each DVD (Day of Completion) and $15 Each Photo CD (Day of Completion), If ordered in the Future the Price will rise to $25 DVD and $20 for CD plus shipping fees.


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