How Long Does the DVD take to Complete?

From the date we receive your materials, it typically takes 7-10 business days to complete your order. That does not include shipping time. The completion time is dependent on the schedule of other orders in the que, which package you want and the complexity of the order. Larger, more complex orders may take longer. If you need rush service, please let us know IN ADVANCE of placing the order.

Where Do I Ship Photos & Items?

5267 Warner Ave #395   Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Where Do I upload My Items (photos, Videos, Music, and Voice Messages)  to?

Once you finish signing the contract and paying the deposit or the full Amount (if you use Paypal credit). We will send you our Drop Box Link where we will down load thee items.

Were Can I email Directly?


What If I want a Special Request Then what  the  packages offer ?

Email or Call and let us know what you would like and we will send you via email an estimate.

How Do I number Photos, Videos, and Music if there Digital and I upload?

When you scan, download and save on your computer you will need to Save with numbers so we know which you want fist. Please look at the picture below as an example:

How Do I number Photos  videos, and music before I send in the mail ?

Mark with pencil very little on corner of photo or with a post-it note behind photos. On DVD and CD put a post-it  note on the case cover what number  for were they should be placed. 

What format should the music be?

MP3- We can Convert some files.

What Format should Videos Be?

It should also be MP3 , but we can convert some files.

When Will My Items Be shipped back to me?

We will ship items back once, once we receive final payment, if paid with check - Check will need to clear, once its cleared and final is paid we will email  confirmation that your items were shipped back with Tracking number.

When I see the Preview How many Changes can I make?

Once You see the preview you will be able to make 2 changes, if you would like to see ore previews then it will be $10 each and that include 2 changes each. 

How Do I Pay?

All Payments Go through Paypal, Besides Cash, and checks.

Can we download the music for you?

Yes for $1.50 per song

Don't See your Question, Please email us your question.